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    R7 M360 performance issue (driver/bios problem?)


      I have had this problem for a really kong time now. The problem is that the card has major stutters whenever I play a game on it, the odd temporary solution is to quickly plug in and out the charger. I have tried acer's customer support, but that was not really all that helpful and did not solve my problem. I have even been in their forums and see if anybody had some sort of solution ( was not even expecting an answer though, cause hey better try than not to I suppose)


      My pc: Acer aspire E5-552g with A10 8700p and the mentioned R7 M360 and the operating system is windows 10.


      Here is a video showing off my issue that the computer has ( sorry for the monotone voice at the beginning of the video, trying my best to speak English as good as possible,I still  need some practice speaking for videos). : acer aspire E5-552g R7 M360 stutter/ performance issue - YouTube