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r9 270x Drivers/ Graphics/ and software issue

Question asked by resacky on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by goodplay

you don't have to read this text unless you want in depth details of my issue:

I am going to explain the whole story so you may get a good idea what is going on, so i used my computer in the morning at around 10 am and then i left my house to do errands, while using my computer i was playing TF2 and a game of CSGO competitive, i did not install any soft ware or any third party software that could've caused this problem and i honestly don't know myself what could've caused this problem, so after i left i came back at 6pm and nobody used my computer or anything because its my personal computer when i booted my pc, it loaded my ASUS motherboard logo because my build has an ASUS motherboard installed with the windows 10 loading animation on the bottom just spinning expecting the windows 10 loading screen with my profile picture and the password to pop up, usually my pc boots in less than a minute because i have an SSD installed with the OS on it, but then i've been waiting with a black screen for over hours and still nothing, i decided to force shut off my pc and turn it on again testing it out, the same problem, just a black screen after the windows 10 loading animation, i've read forums of people having this problem with windows 10 on the windows 10 support thread, and people are claiming to have a black screen after the windows logo but with a mouse cursor, i dont have a mouse cursor poping up its just a completely black screen that doesn't show anything for hours and it keeps making me waiting, i can boot into recovery mode and i can go into safe mode and everything, i booted my pc in safe mode and all my information is intact and i also checked for viruses or any malware, and nothing its clean, i have no clue what could've caused this, my basic problem if anyone doesnt want to read this long paragraph is... MY WINDOWS 10 DOES NOT WANT TO BOOT UP AFTER THE WINDOWS LOGO AND REFUSES TO LOAD WITH A COMPLETELY BLACK SCREEN, i tried booting it with a past version of windows 10, booting it with CMD, scanning it corrupt files, i really have no fix for this, any help anyone????!


Update (new problem): i have updated my operating system seeing if it was a badly installed OS and that was not the issue, the new problem i am encountering is simply my computer does not recognize my graphics card and also prevents me installing AMD drivers in any form (safe mode, regular boot), i am still experiencing the same issues as above but in a different manner and this time it lets me boot into my pc for a couple of minutes before then glitching unexpectedly and then prompting a black screen, this also happens as i try to install my drivers, the screen immediately goes dark and does not pop back no matter how long i wait, another issue is that my pc does not recognize my graphics card even through device manager, along with AMD's driver software as it tries installing it says it doesn't recognize my card, i still dont know the cause of this issue and i dont know if buying a new card will fix it, i know its my card, but im too afraid to open the card to see if its something more serious


here are links to videos on youtube to what my symptoms are:

Radeon r9 270x graphics issue - YouTube