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    I do not know what happens...


      To play in full screen (Move or die and No man sky) happens.

      Example fullscreen:


      Example windowed:


      But in windowed mode is arranged.. I do not understand! Drivers are updated.


      Please help, try everything


      My PC:

      - Windows 10

      - Amd radeon R7 360m

        • Re: I do not know what happens...

          For some reason when playing Crossout, any sort of 'transparent' effect creates artifacts similar to what is shown on this thread.

          They look like block based 'overlay' on top of the screen. I think Crossout was played in fullscreen mode too.


          You'd have one line of 'transparent' greys, then the other line under it is 'empty' squares, and then a line of transparent greys under that.


          I don't know if the game is causing that, or if the GPU's driver is doing it.


          Back then when playing No man sky's experimental versions, (2 updates ago) the same effect occurs too.


          For some reason the RX cards are artifact in some games, and it might be caused by a bottleneck or a configuration in the hardware?

          This is because not every AMD RX GPU users are posting about artifact issues in large enough groups, which might be a niche case.