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Checking if Dual Graphics is working with 16.7.3 drivers?

Question asked by lhorace on Sep 6, 2016

Computer Type: Desktop Gigabyte

CPU: AMD A8 7600

iGPU: AMD A8 7600 R7 Graphics

dGPU: MSI R7 250 (factory overclocked) OC 2GDR3

Motherboard: Gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2

RAM: 2x Kingston KHX1600C10D3 4GB w/ NO OVERCLOCK

PSU: 500 Watt

Operating System & Version: Windows 10 Enterprise build 1607

GPU Drivers: AMD Crimson 16.7.3

Chipset Drivers: No Idea

Background Applications: N/A

Description of Problem: Trying to determine if Dual Graphics is enabled and working. I can't seem to find any configurations settings for dual graphics with this release of the drivers aside from the Settings Manager indicating that my R7 250 is linked. I had initially set the primary GPU as my PCIe R7 250 and my iGPU with the force option @ 2GB (to match vRAM size of the dGPU) in BIOS. Nevertheless, when Windows 10 Enterprise completed booting with the 16.7.3 drivers, the display would be blank (no signal) on the dGPU PCIe R7 250 and working on the iGPU. For now, I reverted the setting in BIOS by setting the primary to iGPU to avoid having to be switching the HDMI connector between adapters. Initially with System Information Viewer, I wasn't getting any utilization readings from my dGPU, although after a reboot, I am now getting readings. Dual Graphics have worked before with earlier drivers, in fact, I am dual booting with Windows 7 with the earlier 15.7 (iirc) drivers. With Windows 7 case, the display is only working on dGPU as oppose to Windows 10 with the 16.7.3 drivers. Additionally, there are configuration options and you can enable Dual Graphics overlay to indicate that it's working and is working and has worked with Windows 10 in the past. Finally, I just want to know if its working and why did AMD remove configuration options for Dual Graphics from AMD Crimson 16.7.3?

Troubleshooting: I don't know what troubleshooting steps I need to take, to figure out if Dual Graphics is working?


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