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Video card not present or not working properly.

Question asked by megatar on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by kingfish
  • AMD Graphics Card
    • Make and model; AMD Radeon HD 7500 I believe?
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Dell XPS 8500 Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10
  • Driver version installed
    • I have no clue. Don't know how to find out.

Display Devices

    • Asus Monitor with VGA chord
  • Motherboard
    • I do not know.
    • Intel Core i7
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Dont know make and model. Know this
    • Input voltage 100-240 VAC Input frequency 50 Hz-60 Hz Rated input current 8.0 A/4.0 A
  • RAM
    • 8GB


I dont know anything about computers so excuse my noobiness. I got a warning yesterday saying my Video card was not present or working properly. When I tried to run Counter Strike, which ive played fine for the past 2 years, i got this error. (Also, my drivers are up to date)  Any ideas?


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Update: Tried to open photoshop as well and received this message Gyazo - 933e8ec0b90b4d9e3c96ae53b5f44c0f.png


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