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AMD Kaveri APU (problem or normal?)

Question asked by jcldjb on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by jcldjb

I have the following:


AMD A8-7650K - 3.3Ghz (with Turbo up to 3.6Ghz, not 3.8Ghz) and R7 Graphics

CM 212 Evo cooler

MSI A68HM E33 V2 motherboard

2x8Gb = 16Gb of 1,600Mhz Crucial RAM

Corsair CX600 PSU


(I do not have my RX480 just yet, soon...)


My question, and problem is this, for simple loads (non-iGPU intensive) I get standard 3.3Ghz with Turbo disabled and up to 3.5-3.6Ghz with Turbo Core on.


Whenever I play games, resulting in my iGPU being used at 100% full load, I get an automatic down-clock or voltage limiter/reduction.


Say I'm on 3.3Ghz at 1.3375v in AMD Overdrive

iGPU idling at 320Mhz


I load a game........


3.3Ghz (or Turbo at 3.5Ghz with voltage up to 1.4125v)

My iGPU goes to it's 720Mhz and in AMD Overdrive, reaches 100% in standard gaming.


Temps are all fine (never above 45C)


But then I will see my CPU go down to 2.8Ghz with only 1.1750v and stay there, as soon as any game I'm playing is closed down, the CPU returns back to it's normal state and normal voltage.


Dear AMD Team,


Is it normal for the CPU to limit itself, frequency and voltage whenever the iGPU is being used?


Is is a voltage thing? Frequency thing? (A motherboard/power/VRM thing?)


Is there an option to disable this as I am confident my cooler can handle the temps just fine.


I genuinely feel as if I've been ripped off, cheated, using an APU you advertise at 3.3Ghz (up to 3.8Ghz in Turbo mode , but I would be happy with just 3.3Ghz minimum!) with R7 Graphics.


But as soon as you yous the R7 integrated graphics, it reduces the CPU to 2.8Ghz which makes most games unplayable.


Can someone please provide an explanation, at the very least, or maybe a potential solution which doesn't require buying a brand new motherboard (and i7 processor...)?


Really hoping someone can help.


Thanks for reading.



PS: any further info required please ask.