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AMD catalyst control center

Question asked by scott_sierak on Sep 5, 2016

I recently updated my AMD graphics driver to version 16.3 which is the crimson version of the Radeon Settings. With all of the previous software versions, the Radeon settings application was always accompanied by the Catalyst Control Center (CCC). In this New version of the AMD settings, I cant seem to find the CCC anywhere. I tried performing a search through the AMD files on my computer, but had no luck. I have a laptop, and I enabled hardware acceleration in the CCC because my GPU performance wasn't quite up to par. The version of "hardware acceleration" used in the CCC offloads the normal graphics load to the CPU for an equal distribution. This was working fine for a time being when I was running games, but recently I have noticed that even simple tasks such as having a Microsoft edge window open causes  a CPU spike of about 40%. This is frequently annoying, because even a text based webpage will cause my computer to slow down. I tried to revert AMD's hardware acceleration, but found that the CCC was no longer there. I have tried downloading the drivers/software package from AMD's website, but the CCC still doesn't show up. I have thoroughly run out of options in what to do, so any help is appreciated.


Hp Pavilion 17z

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Processor: AMD A10-8700P 4 Cores 1.8 Mhz

Graphics: Radeon R6

RAM: 8.00 GB