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RX 460

Question asked by anibaner on Sep 5, 2016

I FEAR HEAT           


         I am from the country where Godavri, the river flows- India! I got 3 important queries.


1)     Which RX 460 graphics card would be preferred for the hotter regions like Egypt, Delhi? ASUS Strix or Sapphire Nitro Edition? In my limited knowledge, I know that      Sapphire runs hotter than ASUS. Not sure I am by the way.


2)     Now, about the chokes. Which one lasts longer? ASUS's Super Alloy Power II (SAPII) or Sapphire's Black Diamond?


3)    83xx CPU without O.C, is there any chance of bottlenecking for a FHD 16-bit image rendering?


                 Sometimes I like to enjoy the details of Assassins Creed Syndicate rather than gameplaying. Can I do that with a very nominal setting? I am not biased over the quality.