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    Crimson 16.8.3 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Crossfire Profile Unusable


      I'm running 2 Fury Xs and after a full DDU clean and install of 16.8.3 I enabled Crossfire, turned off efficiency mode, also turned off ULPS in Sapphire Trixx then I ran the Deus Ex benchmark and it was a complete stutterfest... It was almost unwatchable as it stutters / pauses so much every second. The benchmark results at the end showed a slightly higher maximum and average FPS than with a single card but minimum FPS was much lower. It was impossible to notice any FPS increase due to the aforementioned ultra-stutter.


      I don't get how they can release these crossfire profiles, as they clearly haven't tested them sufficiently... (Same with The Division which really bugs me, the profile they have for the game is garbage, but they don't care about making it better)


      Anyone else getting this same problem?