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MSI R9 270X Gaming OC now usless

Question asked by mojoe_90 on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by mojoe_90

I have the above card,  since i first used the Crimson software i have had issues,

even with the update it is still faulty.


as soon as i play a game it crashes my PC after a few mins of playing time.

I dont get time to use my pc much and have never had an issue with the card until i started using

the crimson software at the end of last year,  i have tried the updates / hotfix but this has made little improvement.


I have  done clean wipes of old drivers, i have tried the old software and new updates both after clean wipes of the old software.

i have even tried this card in a fresh install pc.


all i get now is a few mins of play time and the pc crashes and restarts,  all this since i used the crimson software at the end of last year.

very disappointed as it clearly seems to have killed of my card.


Processor : AMD FX 6300 six core

Ram : 16gb