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pci-e x16 to pci-e x1 graphics card hack

Question asked by vjekobalas on Sep 5, 2016

I have server with only one x1 pci-e slot left available
and I'd like to add a graphics card in that pci-e slot.

I've settled on either a HD5450 or HD6450 as their
power usage is 13W and 19W respectively , so they
would fit in the specs of a x1 pci-e slot (25W) and
may fit directly in the one left over x1 pci-e slot.


Unfortunately it's very difficult to find either of these
graphics cards in x1 form, so I was considering
either cutting the pins on a x16 card to 1x
(which I've seen done google-ing) or buying a
1x to 16x riser.


My questions (maybe I'm in luck and there's someone
who is more deeply involved in graphic cards/pci-e):
(a)Would cutting the pins be a sure solution ? (I see
from wikipedia that there are sensing pins which would ensure
the board knows in which pci-e slot the card is in, but is there
anything else).
(b)IS use of the x1 to x16 riser effectively the same as cutting the
pins ?