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Radeon HD 7700 fails after driver update

Question asked by woodsaregood on Sep 5, 2016

Yesterday I received notice that a driver update for my Radeon HD Graphics 7700 card was available. Since I like to keep everything up to date, I began the install. Installation seemed normal until it reached 25% at which point the screen went blank. Since this was a graphics driver installation, I figured that this was likely a normal part of the install. It was late so I went to bed leaving the install to finish on its own. When I tried to use the computer this morning I was greeted by a still blank screen. Computer was still running but nothing on the screen. I normally run a single monitor on HDMI. I still had a DVI cable laying around so tried that. Still a blank screen. This left me out of options for the Radeon card since it has no VGA output so I removed all cables. I then remembered that there might be a VGA port coming from the motherboard. Luckily I found one hidden under a plug and connected it to the monitor. After rebooting I was relieved to see that the system booted and that normal output was showing from the VGA port. Now that I could see what I was doing I removed all AMD software. Rebooting after the uninstall still leaves the card with no HDMI or DVI output. The computer is a Core i7-3770 quad core desktop running 64 bit Windows 10 Home. What's really curious is that plugging either an HDMI or DVI cable into the card while the computer is running simply results in no video output. If I try a boot with either cable plugged in, the system fails to start. I've tried downloading and installing AMD driver 16.300.2311.0. Still no output and the computer still won't boot with either cable connected to the card. A look at device manager shows the card to be running normally. Aggravating, yesterday I had a perfectly running video card. Today I have a boat anchor. Any suggestions besides getting a new graphics card?