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How to rebuild an RAID 10 from 4 single disks with data

Question asked by kvalentin on Sep 5, 2016

Due to a Blue Screen my RAID 10 isn’t existent anymore. The log of RAIDXpert do not indicate any problems before or after the Blue Screen. It shows now 4 healthy single disks instead of one logical RAID10 drive. The BIOS entries are not changed and show the right configuration.

I can’t rebuild the RAID 10 due to the lack of the logical drive in RAIDXpert. Is it possible to “configure” the RAID 10 without an initialisation (= loss of the disk data?) to keep the data?


Update: After visiting Windows' Disk Management I found one disk offline and the reason: "Signature conflict with one disk which is online". After re-installation of the AMD chip drivers I have switched the offline-disk online. After booting the system all disks a now online but still as single disks and not as a RAID 10 logical drive.


Any idea to get the old RAID 10 operable? Thanks a lot for a solution or a tip.

  Chip Set: AMD 890FX + SB850, Windows 7, 4 NAS HDs with 4TB each