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    Radeon R7 240 4gb Issues with Drivers and Pixelation


      My first post was apparently deleted, so before I decided to just return an item due to failure to perform and the absolute worst support ever, I thought to try again to see if a resolution could be found.


      I have a Dell OptiPlex 790 with a core i5 CPU and 16 GB of RAM.  I was looking for an inexpensive PCIExpress card for some gaming for my son and we ran across this unit at our local Best Buy on sale.  As soon as the drivers are installed, the computer experiences black screens, pixelation and lockups.  As soon as I delete the display adapter under Devices, the issue stops.  Of course that means none of the card features are accessible.


      I have seen numerous issues with no solution, but was hoping to find an issue here.  If not, back to Best Buy to return this and pick up an Nvidia unit and no more AMD video cards.