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My amd firepro w7000 always shows diable when on crossfire configuration

Question asked by fancydoo on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by fsadough

My Rig is config is as follows:

Asus Z87-Pro

32GB Ram

Dual AMD firepro W7000

1TB of SSD.

My problem is that when using 14.502 driver version, am able to enable crossfire, but crash at random when I task the graphics with 3D softwares or gaming sometimes when am not working.

But when am using the latest driver, such 16.30.2301-firepro-windows-retail, one of the graphics card always is disabled, and I won't be able to enable crossfire. Can anyone who have had similar problem in the past, help me solve this problem?