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dual graphics will not show in catalyst

Question asked by pigith on Sep 5, 2016

I have a10-7890k i paired it with a r7 250. i have been working on this for a week and cannot still get dual graphics to even show itself in the radeon utility. im using the one that says it should be under gaming / global settings then enable it. well its not there to enable. i have slowed my memory from 866mhz to 800 to mirror the gpu memory speed. i have also increased my apu gpu to 1000mhz to match the gpu. still doesnt show. i have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers multiple times i have the latest installed again. ive tried making igfx primary didnt work. put the gpu primary off nb gfx and forced igfx to 2gb to match the gpu memory size. im not sure where or whatelse to do.




MSI r7 250 2gb ddr gpu

gigabyte f2a88xm-d3hp

kingston fury x 1866 2x 8GB dual channel


attached cpuz text of config. any help would be greatly appreciated


1 card always says disabled unless i plug my monitor into that.

here are the integrated cards specs per amd utility.

here is the r7 250 specs per amd utility

this is where amd says the button should be but i cannot find it.