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gpu overheating during flash video

Question asked by simba on Sep 5, 2016

hello i have a radeon hd 7850(16.7.3 driver) and it overheats when I stream videos in my browser, such as youtube. The card does not go over 90° C when I play games like shadow warrior or far cry primal but less than 10 minutes into any video and the card is > 100° and the computer will shut itself down. I had great performance from this card on Ubuntu 14 but I recently updated to windows 10. I tried updating flash player but that didn't help. As soon as the video starts playing my memory clock jumps to 1200mhz (despite me setting the global limits much lower than that in radeon settings) and stays at that speed until the temp reaches critical and shutdown happens.  I have Lord of the Rings playing off of a dvd in VLC media player right now and the memory clock is at just 150mhz and the card is a cool 51°


this problem only occurs when I play videos in my browser.