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    AMD Rx 460 100% gpu load when idle and driver crash all times (random color screen)


      I have AMD RX460 4gb and my card is always %100 load gpu in idle and the driver crash all times when i run any game

      crash at 15 minutes i play the witcher 3, rise of tom raider, dying light(with this game crash pc random color screen), i have several problem any solution for this problem?



      cpu fx 6300

      12 gigas ddr3 1333 mhz

      mother board gigabyte

      psu super nova 750 gold plus modular

      ssd 128 gigas

      3 terabyte hhd

      amd xfx rx 460 4gb single fan


      driver AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers release 16.8.3 hotfix, please help me AMD!!!