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Sleep mode doesn't work on laptop - Crimson driver

Question asked by dbase on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by cmos

I have a problem with my AMD Radeon HD8750m. Sleep mode isn't working. When I close the lid or go to sleep mode on my laptop ProBook 470 G0 HP  system restarts every time. I experienced this problem in the past also with Crimson driver for AMD and now I tried to remove and install past Crimson drivers 15.11, 15.12 but the same problem with the newest driver. I can't use my notebook and I lost many documents due Crimson graphics driver sleep mode bug!


I am really disappointed in AMD, it's a big shame that we are experiencing problems with graphics drivers. I tried many times to install 15.12. but the same problem. In newer Crimson versions I experienced an on screen warning when windows starts, something like "System changes have been made..." and in some ways, maybe every time when I have that problems with windows sleep, when my windows restarts, my WiFi doesn't work so I have to restart normally my Win. Tried also with 15.11.1. driver but the same problem. I never experienced this ! Also, many times removed graphic drivers with Display driver uninstaller. I hope that someone from AMD will help & give instructions! My notebook worked perfectly two or three months ago and now it has a big problem with Crimson driver - sleep mode isn't working. I lost many documents due this bug! Please help !


My confs:

HP ProBook 470 G0



AMD Radeon HD 8750m