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Amazon, Sony, Steam refunding players unhappy with No Man’s Sky

Question asked by kingfish on Sep 4, 2016
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""Even in the run-up to No Man’s Sky’s debut, it was clear that no single game could possibly fulfill the sky-high expectations of its player base. Since the game launched, a number of websites have collected numerous examples of behaviors that were originally promised and never implemented. The animals on the various planets you explore never demonstrate the interesting behaviors they exhibited in launch trailers, there’s no variation between factions, the combat model is painfully simplistic, there’s no stealth capabilities for your own ship, no variations in ship types, no atmospheric modeling, no ability to fly your ship below a predefined height, no planetary physics, and minimal variation in functional ship types. Space stations were supposed to be destroyable, they aren’t. The freighters you engage with were supposed to move, they don’t. Planets and moons do not orbit on their axis or orbit a sun. The trading and resource gathering components of the game were supposed to be robust and offer enough variety to allow players to focus on them.

Any handful of these changes could be fairly explained as the inevitable pruning process that all games follow from conception to delivery — but taken in aggregate, they’ve left many players feeling as though they were bait-and-switched. Nor can all of this be laid at the feet of the Internet hype machine; many of these features were showcased by Hello Games at various points, promised, and declared to be a component of the shipping game. An archived post on reddit listing all the features that were promised and cut can be viewed here. ""

Amazon, Sony, Steam refunding players unhappy with No Man’s Sky, former Sony content director calls refund-seekers thiev…

Unlike Steam, which has a well-known refund policy, Sony doesn’t normally grant refunds for games purchased over the PlayStation Network, at least not once you’ve started downloading a game. Sony’s former Strategic Content Director in the UK, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, initially blasted people seeking refunds, claiming “If you’re getting a refund after playing a game for 50 hours you’re a thief.”