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Bad FPS on Path of Exile - RX 480 8GB

Question asked by sparklin2 on Sep 4, 2016
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I buyed an RX 480 8GB. The overall performance is really Bad.

I playing World of Warcraft and i have there 30-60 FPS on medium Settings.

But what i really don't like is the FPS on Path of Exile .

I have there really bad FPS sometimes 200-300 FPS. But in most times i have 20-50 FPS and really high spikes.

Im playing in Medium settings. But i have a Nvidia GTX570 Installed for the second Monitor. Maybe issue that i run Nvidia and AMD drivers ?

This is not a hardware intensive Game.

Im using the Crimson 16.8.3 Driver. GTX570 ( 2. Monitor ) RX480 8GB  main Monitor.

CPU I75930K-3.5GHz, Samsung 850 Pro 512GB, 16GB Ram.

I really expect more from a card like the RX480.