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    Drivers not updating, or reverting.


      I have owned the MSI  AMD Radeon R7 370. Recently I tried to update my graphics driver in order to play BF1. Initially everything worked out okay and I was able to play. The next day my BF1 game wasn't loading so I uninstalled it and left it for the day. Day 3 I decided to give the game a fresh install. When I went to launch I was then again prompted to update my drivers. I had previously already updated to the latest crimson version, but my computer reverted my drivers completely. When I tried to update my drivers again, it would either freeze at a percentage, or it wouldn't update them, it would fail. I couldn't even launch BF4 anymore because it said I needed to update my drivers. Before even attempting to update my driver for BF1 I was already able to play BF4. I had done a CHKDSK which showed a lot wrong and a lot of things removed and/or replaced. Today I cannot even freshly reinstall my whole graphics card at all using the disk. It would say it completed, but the status would remain saying "not installed" I would restart my computer and nothing changed. I have attempted twice to do this procedure and I get the same results of no drivers installing.


      I also have an issue where Raptr starts up on boot but I had tried to uninstall it, and it would say the program is already uninstalled. I know that it is not. I have attempted several times to install my drivers and I just don't know what else to do. I am not sure if CHKDSK has removed files that I needed or if my harddisk is just failing all together. I am at a loss for what to do. I have attempted to use ccleaner to remove amd installer, but it failed to even do anything when I clicked to uninstall. I hope someone can help me with this mess before I dig myself too deep.


      I am currently using window 7 64bit


      Processor: AMD Athlong II 4x 640 processor (had to downgrade recently old one failed)


      16GB RAM


      It is not recognizing my graphics card at all. Which is MSI Radeon R7 370