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system and compressed memory process exploiting system resources after installing crimson

Question asked by navjotsingh on Sep 4, 2016

after installing radeon crimson drivers, a process known as system and compressed memory starts in my system. it excessively starts using my system resources (processor upto 50% and hard disk upto  100%) and renders my laptop very slow and heated. I think there is some some issue with the drivers given in the package because if I update my dedicated graphics card driver by visiting device manager and letting the windows install drivers on its own, then my system gets normal. but then crimson doesn't  open up as it gives me the message that drivers not supported. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers using ddu but it was in vain.


I hope you will rectify this problem very soon.

processor : a8 7410 with r5 graphics

graphics : r5 m330

os: window 10 x64

amd crimson 16.7.3

ram 4gb