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    Can not install New drivers


      GPU: Radeon Rx 460 2GB GDDR5    

      Desktop: HP- Pavilion P7-1220

      OS: Windows 10 64x

      Motherboard: AAHD2-HY

      Processor: AMD A8 3820

      PSU: EVGA 500B

      RAM: 8GB


      I have recently bought a new GPU (Rx 460). After Clearing all the AMD files using DDU I decided to instill the new GPU and install the Drivers but for some odd reason I only get this. Gyazo - 0675347eb0b9f5875d20dffa28736d91.png when I click continue this is all that displays on my menu. Gyazo - 60b7a798b485974b47313066df1c1dd4.png Not sure what to do from here?