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Linked Graphic Driver changed after Windows Update. How to restore it back?

Question asked by eienhi on Sep 4, 2016

I recently updated my windows 10 to Anniversary update on HP 15-ab125AX Laptop, and updater updated my Display adaptor software from Radeon R7 M360 to Radeon R8 M365DX. After that, I couldn't start AMD Radeon settings. I tried to Roll Back updates but there was no previous version available. After that I uninstalled AMD control center and downloaded drivers from HP sites. After installing, I now have catalyst control center. And Device manager still shows R8 one.

Screenshot (1).png

So what should I do next? Is that okay? Or is there any way to change back to R7 one?

Also R6 one also keeps changing into Microsoft graphic driver if I try to update it. How can it be resolved?


Laptop specifications:

Processor: AMD APU Quadcore  A10-8700P

Graphics: AMD R6 Series, AMD R7 M360 (Linked)