16.8.3 (Feedback) Bring back the R. G. B. gamma sliders from Desktop Color tab.

Discussion created by hadax on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by stranger929

I updated from 16.3.1 the other day to try the Battlefield 1 beta. The next day, after I was done playing I switched back to my IPS monitor and noticed something didn't seem correct. I thought maybe the update reset the gamma sliders only to find a shortcut to the nearly worthless Windows "Display Color Calibration" in place of the usual "Additional Settings". After I found "Radeon Additional Settings" under Home/Preferences I was shocked that I couldn't find the "Desktop Color" tab that was home to the Gamma Sliders. I have relied on these gamma sliders and this page Gamma calibration - Lagom LCD test  since switching to LCD panels long ago. I got a 144hrz Freesync monitor recently with plans to upgrade from my 7950 in 1 to 3 months but if this function isn't brought back by then my new card won't have Freesync. I'm sure there are alot more like me out there that are still using older drivers until a something forces them to update and I bet more than half of them also use these gamma sliders to manually calibrate there monitors.


Almost forgot but the card randomly not waking from sleep seems to have returned with this driver. Well actually its slightly different this time the monitor wakes up to a black screen and I have to pull the power for a minute or two to get the card to recover just like the old stuck in deep sleep issue.