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Black screen after enabling gpu and graphic problem

Question asked by jhk1821 on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by maxhardy

Hello , i was playing in pc while installing some updates for windows 10 and then suddenly my pc crashed and the screen went a weird colour , then i need it to reset it from the button , and i done it... but when i open it again , there was 2 problems , 1) the screen was weird with some graphic issues (like green in some area , not clear letters etc) and the seCond was when windows loading stucks in black screen... i tried to auto-repair it nothing , i tried commands nothing , , i tried restore previous version nothing and i conclude to do a reset with keeping my files , all starts well but when he gone to installation of drivers then again black screen. i realise that might be my graphic card responsible for this , in other words when i am going to devices > adaptes display and disable my card from save mode , black screen dissapear and pc works fine except of some horizontal green lines , i try reinstall drivers but when is going to enable again the card is going black screen , now i am using basic adapter through ports of my graphic card and there are green horizontal lines any help? my gpu burnt or sth ?




GPU: Amd Radeon HD 6870

CPU: Intel Core I7-2600 , 3,40 GHz

MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3

OS: Windows 10


Thank you!