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Is the 990fx chipset better for my FX-8350 cpu than the 970 chipset? If so, why?

Question asked by ctwx on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by black_zion

Hello there.


I need to replace my motherboard so I have to decide which to choose. They are the GIGABYTE - Mainboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-970A-UD3P (rev. 2.x) and the GIGABYTE - Mainboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-990FX-Gaming (rev. 1.0) . They don't have too many differences that I care too much about, but they differ in price and chipset.


I have read that the 990fx chipset works better with the AMD FX-8350 processor, but not why. Is this really true? Why does it do?