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    Rx480 - every game turns the screen off


      hello all.

      just bought XFX RX480, installed it and installed a fresh new 16.8.3 update driver after using DDU to remove any old files.

      the system recognize the card and everything is great until i load games.

      - For example, Deus Ex Mankind divided

      the menu is up and when i start the game - BOOM the screen goes to sleep as if i turned it off.

      The computer still runnin' and sometimes there is still a sound from the game.

      the problem applies to all of my games such as the witcher 3 and the division.

      also when i run 3dmark tests.

      by the way - the problem maintains even when i switch pci's slots




      RX480 8GB

      PSU 550W

      MB: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3

      G.skill 16gb DDR3


      Please help me figure it out.