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    Change Drivers?


      When I try to open Battlefield 1 Beta it says I need to update drivers to 16.20.1025 , and I have 15.201.1151 , but when Auto detection for drivers opens, it says i have the most recent drivers. Do i change drivers or something? I'm pretty sure my GPU can handle Battlefield 1, any help is appreciated.

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          I have encountered the same problem yesterday. Was going to play BF1 Open Beta and couldnt start the program due to old drivers. Like in your case the installation program for 16.8.3 claims that the latest driver is already installed, which is version 15.200.1062.1004. Tried to uninstall the old driver, with devastating results (see [1]).


          Now the following questions arose:

          * Why on earth is the program thinking that the old driver is the latest version?

          * How to fix that problem without going through complete driver-removal-hell (see [1])?


          System: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, Intel Core i5 4570, H87-HD3 on a Win 7 64bit machine.


          @vexumy: You may try to let Battlefield believe you have the latest driver by changing the reg-value for the driver version (see: Battlefield 1 Problem with upgrade AMD Driver to 16.20.1025 FIX - YouTube ). But I cant stress enough that this cannot be the final solution.


          [1] First I got no video signal from both video card (that makes sense as the driver has been removed) and onboard graphic. After a few computer restarts i got a signal on video card output, but to my surprise the driver suite installtion problem didnt recognise the graphic card and didnt show me the option to install a video driver. Had to use the windows recory tool.

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