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    16.8.3 is useless for my HD7950 Crossfire. AMD why do you release a profile when it doesnt work?


      What is going on AMD? I have clean installed you 16.8.3 driver expecting to be able to use my crossfire setup since you all claim the profile is there but no, it doesn't do a thing. I guess we wait, just like every other new game that comes out. The problem I see on this one is that this is a premium game beta. Couldn't have you guys worked with the game maker to make sure it works? Oh ya wait, the excuse is that it's a beta right? Its the game developers fault right? As always, the blame is always passed on to each other. OK let's see if when it comes out in October you guys can get it right. Right? As always we hope and we wait! No choice for PC gamer's.