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amd radeon r5 m335, stuck at low GPU and Memory clock speed on battery and overheating while charging

Question asked by maan1612 on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by skakavac

Hi, I have dell inspiron 5559 laptop, 8gb ram,i5 6th gen, win10 and amd r5 m335 graphic. My laptop is getting switched off while playing games while charging and has poor performance on battery (while everything is on maximum performance settings) so I performed gpu stress test with FurMark and problems found are

1. On battery the maximum GPU clock goes to 400Mhz (default value is around 1000Mhz) not more  than that and Memory to 600Mhz temp remains below 75

2.While charging GPU and Memory clocks goes to maximum but temperature is very abnormal, it reaches 100 in just 1 min(very sudden increase from 50-60 to 80-90) and then laptop switches of.

any help please.