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    Why can't I get CSGO to stretch, no matter what I do?


      So a little while ago I could stretch my resolution just fine. I played on 1280x960 4:3. I used HRC to remove the black bars, but now that program doesn't work anymore. I was thinking it could be a AMD drivers problem or something because I haven't done anything different with my PC. So why would it randomly stop working. And i've also set the CSGO profile in the AMD Radeon Settings to "Full Panel". And I've tried making a custom resolution and it STILL keeps the black bars, what am I supposed to do?


      I've posted two attachments explaining whats going on. One of them has cursing in it, sorry if that offends you.


      #1:  https://puu.sh/qXExU/8f82c8e03b.mp4


      #2: https://puu.sh/qXNr2/e076527312.mp4