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    AMDGPU-PRO - GUI / Settings


      Hi AMD developers,


      I've recently read a lot of praise about AMD supporting Linux Open Source drivers. Also, the latest generation of cards (RX400) seemed to offer decent all-round performance on Linux (both with AMDGPU-PRO and Open Source). That's why I decided to ditch my older nV card and purchase a Nitro+ RX480.


      Now, the good things first. With the exception of a glitch on Cinnamon having completely black screen after login (this is probably a Cinnamon issue, hope they'll fix it soon - in the meantime, I am using MATE) everything runs pretty well on Linux Mint 18 when using the latest AMDGPU-PRO drivers. All my games / benchmarks run smoothly on the highest settings. Even the Talos Principle's Vulkan BETA benchmark is pretty stable (unlike on my previous card) and runs roughly double the frame-rate. So the card is fast, cool and quiet - no complains there really.


      However, what I find truly shocking (unless I missed something), is the complete lack of any GUI or command line settings supplied with the driver. I wouldn't expect something as comprehensive as Radeon Wattman on Linux, but including at least a basic utility that would give me some information about the GPU (vendor, frequencies, voltage, temperature, fan RPM) and offer basic settings would be a common decency.     


      Hope you find this feedback useful.


      Best regards,



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          I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
          As far as I can see, in Ubuntu at least, the Ubuntu Display Settings Command handles thing like Multi Display and resolution etc.
          In terms of fan temperatures etc I am using a command line to monitor GPU's (Two R9 Nano's).
          I am seeing good benchmark performance and gaming stability but I was hoping to see an AMD Crimson ReLive type driver interface.
          Since AMD Crimson ReLive GUI is built on Qt it should be "easy" to port the GUI to Linux, Disable buttons that don't work and at least have a starting point for a GUI.


          RE:  "I wouldn't expect something as comprehensive as Radeon Wattman on Linux"


          I would and did.

          GPU Passthrough  to Virtual Machine on Linux is here to allow running Windows OS as a virtual machine for legacy reasons.

          Vulkan seems to give great performance and MultiGPU support in Vulkan is on the way.


          Ryzen Processors do not have built in GPU.

          Seems to me, would make sense for AMD to work on providing better GUI interface and make sure GPU Passthrough setup is automated and
          Vulkan MultiGPU support works as soon as possible.


          With this, I predict many Windows users would move to Ubuntu very fast.

          The move to Ubuntu is happening anyhow where I live, not just with people who work IT/PC technology either.
          Many Windows Users I know have decided to throw in the towel with it and go Linux.