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Very poor FPS in No Man's Sky

Question asked by slingshot on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by slingshot

In No Mans Sky i get terrible FPS (in the low 20's). I have an R9 380, Intel i7 920@2.67Gh, 12Gb Ram and Windows 10. I uninstalled my drivers using Guru3D DDU and installed  Crimson 16.8.3 drivers. I've tried everything I can think of and hope someone here can help.


I think the problem is with my OpenGL drivers. I tried playing Planet Explorers using OpenGL and it also only gets about 20fps and actually crashes. Using Direct3D I get a constant 60fps. I don't have any other OpenGL games to test it with.


Is there any other test I can do? I should be getting WAY more than 20fps. I've watched a youtube video and the poster was using R9 380 and getting 60+fps.