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Problem with drivers for R7 m260 and HD 8610G

Question asked by reverseflash22 on Sep 1, 2016

Hi, I can't install the latest drivers available for this cards ( required to play Battlefield 1 Beta). It says that they are not compatible, but the AMD web site says that they are. I had win 8.1 with drivers 15.201.1101.0, and now win 10 with the same drivers, if I install them properly the SO crashes ( that is why now I have win 10, I needed to install it). What can I do?
Additionally, now that I installed win 10 those drivers were installed automatically, so now I don't have the AMD software to manipulate de configuration of the cards, how do I install only the software ( I tried and installs the driver mandatory)



I appreciate any help, I've been trying to solve this for days and it almost cost me the integrtity of mi notebok