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Display Problem - No HDMI Signal after Windows Login

Question asked by mlinko on Sep 2, 2016

Black Screen Dear Support,


I have a following problem with my ATI 6970 Graphic Card drivers. If I connect the Graphic Card with the TV over HDMI I get the Black Screen after the loading phase of Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit. I have also tested it with your 6750 Graphic Card and I still got the same Problem. When I uninstall the ATI Graphic Card drivers I works ok with the Windows Drivers (the resolution is just not full HD).


Could you please help me with the Problem? Is there possible to add my TV to your supported devices list or something??

Or are there any other steps that could help me to configure my Graphic Card?? My TV is Sharp lc46le925e model and my surround sound system is from Onkyo but it doesn't matter where do I connect the Hdmi cable from the PC it just doesn't work.


Just for your Info, I am an IT Administrator and I think that I am more than capable of troubleshooting. I really tried everything to make it work. So YOUR help would be more than welcome. Thank you very much in advance!



Kind Regards

Rok Mlinaric