SanDisk X400 - An affordable, high performance 1TB SSD?

Discussion created by black_zion on Sep 2, 2016
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If you're like me, you think that SanDisk and high performance belong in the same sentence as much as the words China and quality, but it looks like their sellout to WD finally smacked some sense into them. It doesn't quite beat the vaunted Samsung 850 EVO, but in terms of real world normal home user tasks and games, there is effectively zero difference between them. The thing which really makes it attractive is the price. The 850 EVO 1TB right now is $306.61, while the X400 1TB is $241.98, almost $64 less expensive for effectively the same real world performance (current prices on Amazon). Of course there are lower priced 1TB drives out there such as the OCZ Trion 150 for $209.99, but the performance of that drive is quite lacking and much better suited to a notebook or a media drive, whereas the X400 is truly suited for desktops. It also has a 5 warranty, making it that more attractive. Samsung doesn't think it is a challenger, as they have not reduced the 850s price, but one thing's for sure: Samsung cannot continue with the 750 EVO series unless it takes a major price cut, not with the 850 barely staying ahead of the X400 while carrying an insane markup. That, and there is soon to be a price war surely, and that means consumers win.


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