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A Question About Installing Mutliple Firepro Drivers

Question asked by retriever on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by retriever

I have read multiple times that professional cards are capable of switching drivers on the fly but always assumed that it meant that there were lots of mini-drivers that resided within the main driver. This theory had a wrench thrown into it when a while ago I read how someone was asking for help with their Firepro card(s) and mentioned 3 separate drivers that were currently installed on their PC (another mentioned seven): 4 W9100's in a single box  okay then...


The reason I am asking about this is that I have tried to install 2 separate Firepro drivers together without success.


14.502.1019 and 15.301.2601.1002


The first driver one works nicely with Maya, the card performs better than my old Titan Black, and is more stable than the latter driver(trying to use modeling tools with multiple objects selected crashes Maya with driver 15 and randomly crashes anyways with the insert-edge-loop-tool) but works like crudd in Substance Painter 2, i.e. It does not work at all. The newer driver is faster in just about everything else, even in videogames!!! I have tried installing one after the other. It does not matter which one I install first the newer driver one is the only one that seems to work/be recognised.


So in conclusion, how does one install multiple certified drivers at once or am I misunderstanding something and going about this completely and utterly wrong?


Thank you once again for the help.


P.S. How many euphemisms for rear end does this website block?!!!!