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R9 Nano max target temp

Question asked by claptrap1305 on Sep 1, 2016
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I have the same problem as passifid in this post

Change in r9 290 maximum target temps

Short system overview

Win10 64 bit

Crimson 16.8.2

R9 Nano Sapphire

I7 4790k

16gb 1866 Mhz Kingston HyperX

I have a ASRock M8 case and love it.

It have a lot of system fans but not really much space for all components.

So the temperatures rises up very fast.

And also as  passifid I only have the option for 85 degrees.

But i want to have the option for 95 degrees.

I read in the other post, that third party programs I also had installed ( MSI Afterburner + Speedfan)

can cause this issue.

So I uninstalled all of them. Also the current display diver.

After that I run CCCleaner and Display Driver Uninstaller and reboot.

Than I load the latest driver for the R9 Nano from Sapphires Homepage 16.7.1 

But the same as before

And also no changes after the upgrade to 16.8.2

Do anyone knows, what is the reason for, that the same driver give someone the option for 85 and others for 95?

If I will do a complete  new Windows Setup, is it guaranteed, that I get than the 95 degrese option?

And if not? What can i do?