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Stripped Red/Yellow/Blue screen

Question asked by neighborkid on Sep 1, 2016

Morning All!


As we know the BF1 beta has hit us. I've run into a weird issue. I get a freeze/ lock up in game for about 2-5 seconds.. and then this screen appears(Below) This calls for a complete restart. As there is nothing i can do.. as i see this as a hardware failure.



I'm running the latest drivers,


Set up

AMD R9 390X 8gig  (MSI card)

I7-5820 Hexacore

16 Gigs DDR 4

Windows 10 64 bit.

I'm not over clocking the GPU or CPU.  This is the only game I am catching this with. All other games run just fine.

If its anything to mention I am playing on a 60" Samsung TV and I had to scale the screen so I the desktop lines up with it.(if this means anything)


But I do play BF3, BF4, BF Hardline, World of Warships, War Thunder, COH1/2, Killing Floor1/2, and Numerious other games.  So this is just BF1 open beta.

I do not notice any overheating, my card is normally around 60C underload. maybe a tad more.


Any help is greatly appreciated!