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      • 285. Re: RX480 DXVA H.264 not working.

        Thanks for @ray_m and all on this thread.


        I just updated and tested new driver. This issue seems fixed at 17.2.1.

        Tested and compared with 17.1.2 and new 17.2.1.


        Samples files on this thread play fine on my new PowerColor RedDevil RX470 4G card with DXVA enable on new driver.

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          Many Thanks Ray (and AMD Matt) for helping with this issue.

          Just  to keep you busy I have started a new thread.


          When will the RX480 be capable of running NETFLIX using Edge browser (or NETFLIX windows app) in 4K UHD ?

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            Sorry but this is not a perfect fix for my case... MediaCenter playing Live TV with Microsoft's codec is clearly better but not perfect as with other cards... When switching channels it corrupts the playback for some seconds in the beginning but this is acceptable. The problem is that after playing for half an hour it started corruption again... This was totally random and does not happen every time, but it did happen! It was fixed by moving the timeshift bar.

            Are you sure they found the solution and not just a workaround to hide the issue?


            With LAV it also takes more time than normal in switching channels, but after some seconds it plays smoothly. I will also check if corruption will start randomly after a while.

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              I am not very sure for now , just post what I see. I am not using Live TV application so I try sample files on this thread and do seeking instead.


              I noticed delay(sometimes mouse cursor delay too) and small corruption if I quickly and keeping seeking forward and back many times, and sometimes player crashed.But "software decoding" seems has the same phenomenon and small corruption(not so noticeable as DXVA), just no mouse cursor delay, on my case.


              Only a sample file is weird which is "Clip 2 on # 248 post".

              While playing this file on DXVA, I just got a black player screen. If I use software decoding, it delays at first and then play fine.

              But only this one, other sample files seems play fine.


              Both software and hardware decoding testing are on LAV 0.69.0 with 17.2.1 and RX470 4G. Player is potplayer(crash more) and MPC-HC.


              Those sample files which maybe already corrupted, sometimes also crash the player or delay on software decoding If I keeps clicking seek bar many times.


              For me the following are impotent:

              1.No DXVA caused graphic driver crash.(which cause PC freezing unexpected and sometimes damage windows or hdd.)

              2.At least the sample files become playable on DXVA rather than only corruption.


              I can not test long playing/using TV Live Application since I do not use this, so I can not say anything on that.

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                Just watched 2 hours on BBC1 HD , all was fine, then tried same captured file (of the same video I had just watched live) on PotPlayer and that played OK too.  I have LAV in the filters list but PotP refuses to use that....not sure how the hell that works. It insists on FFmpeg decoder . MPC-HC64 works fine with LAV and DXVA2 using the same captured file.

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                  i've thoroughly tested KODI, KODI DS, MPC and MPC BE, all either LAV or FFMPEG, no issues at all here, no corruption on playback at any point, skipping fine, no crashes.


                  AMD seem to have hit the mark on this release, well done.

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                    For Potplayer to force using LAV, try to use Filter Priority Overall Tab and set Priority to Prefer.

                    All three LAV xxx have to do this setting:



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                      How is it possible to release a fix that partially works? It is definitely improved but not perfect fixed for some of us. So they must have find some cause of the problem, but what the hell? Maybe it is a hardware issue too?

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                        A small hiccup in the video stream can lead to a decoder state where it won't recover. I guess there are more things to be fixed, regarding this problem. I've already used the report form for Crimson Drivers 17.2.1 with a link to a new sample.

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                          LAV filters are based off FFMpeg.

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                            There are bugs in the video stream which the driver now attempts to work around. There is no hardware issue, is a video issue.

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                              The decoder must be very resilient. What would happen if all hardware decoders in Blu-ray players, cable/satellite set-up-boxes had similar problems, where you would need to restart the player by shutting it down, to be able to resume normal play, in the event of small stream issue.

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                                If I click seek bar again and again,I see the same phenomenon on software decoding. After a while it will play fine again.

                                Since software decoding(LAV) has the same phenomenon on my PC, is it still driver issue? or only my PC has this phenomenon?


                                But, Live TV application may needs more work as you described, that is the part I can not test.


                                This sample file is from page 12 post # 173 of this thread.

                                Software seeking :



                                DXVA seeking:



                                This is playing fine if no seeking(DXVA):


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                                  So, with the release of the new non-WHQL AMD driver 17.2.1, the decoding problem of corrupted image during playback and seeking with DXVA ffmpeg based decoders, like LAV and the H.264 video files (MBAFF, progressive, interlaced) using Polaris cards, has gone.


                                  The image is fine like all other HW decoders from AMD, Nvidia, Intel.


                                  The only compromise is a black screen for about 2 secs in the beginning of the file, while you can hear the sound and when you seek you get a frozen image for about 1 sec before normal playback starts again (while you can hear the sound).

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                                    Black screen for about 2 secs in the beginning of the file phenomenon also happens on software decoding on LAV.

                                    If you mean the testing on my post above.

                                    Only one sample file that is totally black image on DXVA. On software decoding it has image but a little delay at beginning.

                                    The file is on "# 248 post Clip 2" page 17 of this thread.

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