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      • 255. Re: RX480 DXVA H.264 not working.

        Well, we haven't released any new drivers since I last updated you.

        You've waited this long, the end is in sight.

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          new driver out, has anyone tried it yet?

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            ok, i need to dial back my anger a little as ray_m pointed out this wasnt a new driver, appologies.


            However, you still havent acknowledged this problem as a known issue, this would have been the perfect time to come clean, why ???

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              There were no changes in the driver other than the WHQL signing so the release notes were not updated, as is the standard practice.


              Having said that, I want to make it clear that I DID NOT guarantee the fix would be in the immediate next driver.

              I did say we have made good progress but fixes to drivers are checked in along with many others and if issues arise during testing, the entire check in may be pulled to fix the offending item.

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                if we were having this conversation ray_m a few weeks after release date I would not doubt be fine this response. We are months into this cards release, there is simply no excuse at all not adding a line of text to a set of release notes, citing normal procedures is not good enough, is it normal procedure to release a card with a major fault, not tell anyone about it and they wave possible fixes in front of you customers to wind them up even more...?


                We want action or dates now ray_m, this has gone on long enough.

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                  many of the graphics problems are not AMD or NVIDIA but rather it's due to windows issues

                  hopefully the upcoming updates will get to more of the known issues

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                    you haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about, you clearly havent read the thread in full before you regurgitated some nonsense you read somewhere else.

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                      i have both amd and nvidia cards, both show the same problems so it shows there is a windows problem

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                        also the fact that I can playback h264 using DXVA2 with the cyberlink codec indicates the issue may not be with AMD drivers.

                        But we will see when we get the new driver update I guess.

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                          AMD and NVIDIA both are caught up with MSFT and the new version of Windows to be delivered soon. So expect problems to be common will they can all get patched up.



                          Patience is a virtue

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                            are you two paid by AMD to spread misinformation??


                            I had the Nvidia 1060 before this card, it had no issues with H264, I only returned it as it wouldn't switch to 3D mode automatically, at all sometimes which is a known issue with NVIDIA cards, ATI have always done this perfectly.


                            Also, if I put my old 1080p ATI card back in my machine guess what happens? h264 works fine....


                            So please stop spreading this nonsense.

                            • 266. Re: RX480 DXVA H.264 not working.

                              well see for yourself

                              first part BBC one HD using cyberlink codec, then LAV (at 42 seconds) filter which screws up.

                              I can only show what what my system is doing.

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                                you started this thread, although there are others, how have you forgotten what its about?


                                this thread is about this card inability to hardware decode using DXVA, yes its interesting that it "appears" to work with the cyberlink codec and you've told everyone about this numerous times but this has no bearing at all on the DXVA problem, if one AMD card works and another doesn't then there is something for AMD to fix here isnt there.


                                I'll grant you its odd that cyberlink codec does work, i've just tested it with POWERDVD14 and it plays everything fine, but it does also on my older 1080p card.

                                • 268. Re: RX480 DXVA H.264 not working.

                                  There are only two cases for the video above:


                                  1) Cyberlink has managed to use H.264 DXVA in a different way than LAV filters for Polaris cards, without errors.


                                  2) Cyberlink has managed to identify the specific clips that cause trouble to Polaris cards and use CPU as a fallback to DXVA HW acceleration, without warning to the users.

                                  So although it says that it uses DXVA HW acceleration in general, the truth is that for those specific clips it falls back to SW decoding.


                                  I personally believe it's the second case, so in order to be sure, someone can show us CPU usage for the specific clip using Cyberlink H.264 DXVA and LAV filters H.264 DXVA.

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                                    hi, I think we have to accept that the cyberlink codec is working as my CPU is only running at 2% when watching a movie., plus its a pre Polaris version DVD14, it cant even decode h265.


                                    That still doesn't lay the blame with windows or LAV though as my old ATI card works fine, there must be something wrong with the current Polaris card drivers in that they dont play nice with DXVA LAV.

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