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    Stock HT link & NB speed for Athlon X4 860K & 880K?


      Okay I know that the default for a FX-8350/70 is 2400MHz in NB and 2600 in HT but what about the Athlon X4s? I really wonder because my understanding so far is that some MSI motherboards does not seem to give me the "right HT + NB settings" on the "auto" selection!

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          You should be able to see in the mobo BIOS what HT and NB speeds are being set for your CPU. If it doesn't show the frequencies in "auto" mode, try switching to "manual" mode. Do not change any BIOS settings unless you know exactly what you are doing. The frequencies should definitely show in manual mode. Switch back to "auto" mode and Save the settings before you exit the BIOS.


          FWIW, you aren't going to see any tangible change in system performance unless the HT and NB frequencies are way below what they should be. As an example 2600 MHZ. vs. 2400 MHz. won't deliver any tangible difference in system performance. 1600 MHz vs. 2400 MHz. will show a small change in system performance.