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rx 480 - WoW: Legion

Question asked by strifept on Aug 31, 2016
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Just today i bought myself a Sapphire nitro 4GB version of the 480 and i'm getting huge fps issues on WoW: Legion. The issue is 100% the graphics card, as i was having better FPS with an R9 270x, which makes no sense.


my specs are:

Windows 10 64-bit

CPU: Intel I5 4460 @3.20 ghz
GPU: RX 480 Nitro 4GB OC
4 Gb ram

Crimson driver version 16.8.3 (recommended from the amd app)


I've tried:
Rolling back to older driver versions.
Fully reinstalling the drivers using DDU.



Any help is appreciated.


Edit: I just noticed my GPU is running at half the GHZ, so that might be it. Can someone help me?


Edit 2: Added a dxdiag