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Powercolor Rx460 Black Fashing or Green screen

Question asked by kop524 on Sep 1, 2016

Same as @gored here powercolor rx 460 2gb, drivers: 16.7.3 and 16.8.2 tested and have my screen blink black and come back when plaqying LoL or green screen when watching Netflix.


XFX Core 450w

Pentium E5700

Asrock G41M VS3 R2.0

4GB RAM DDR3 1333


  • GPU Brand and Model: Powercolor RX460 Red DRagon 2GB
  • Last known Installed Driver Version:16.7.1, 16.7.3, 18.0.2(every install made after using DDU)
  • Operating System Version(Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview
  • Motherboard Brand and Model: Asrock G41M VS3 R2.0
  • Model and Brand your Monitor including resulution and adapter info LG Flatron M2280D, 1080p@60Hz, HDMI 1.4
  • Motherboard using UEFI boot mode?  No
  • If you previously took screenshot of your Radeon Settings / System / Hardware tab please attach it to reply post Link to that (infos are in Polish!!!)
  • If you are able to take, DxDiag Report would be extremely helpful ( attach it to your reply post) LogOBS -
  • Optionally provide overlocking/overdrive status No OC tried Dwonclocking it by 25 and 30% but this doesn't work

BTW. I can boot into OS with no problem on any driver mentioned but as I stated on start I'm getting blinking black screen or green screen.