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AMD R7 200 doesn't work on windows 7 or 10

Question asked by movimh on Sep 1, 2016

I have a big problem with the recognition of AMD R7 200 graphics card .

In our PC we installed Windows 7, and in the " Device" panel (by System Menu), there were two grafic cards : AMD R7 200 Series , and a VGA standard .

The AMD drivers were up to date , but it did not work the controls for 3D acceleration , and every time you turn on the PC, you could look a message in which it was written that OpenGL had failed to open. On various forums , it was recommended the removal of the drivers and their new installation . Made by DDU in safe mode (as suggested in this forum). The result of this operation was the message goes on OpenGL, but the appearance of "no amd graphics driver is installed or the amd driver is not functioning properly " every time you interacted with the graphics card. I then upgraded to Windows 10, but at this point is something strange happened: in the "Device" panel is still AMD's R7 200, but the VGA standard has been magically transformed into an Intel HD Graphics 4600. If I go on Radeon settings, the message appears to me this time: "radeon settings are now not avalable. Please try again after connecting the display to AMD Graphics and extending the display". Here on the forum in many threads it says to reinstall the drivers from scratch (either manually or via automatic recognition application), again via DDU in safe mode. I did both things, but the situation remained the same.

I have no idea how to move now or what to do ... any suggestions?


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