amd radeon HD 5700 series is stuck on lowest clocks possible

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I have a radeon HD 5700 graphics card that i had ccc autotune to the max clocks possible it clocked them to 950 mhz gpu and 1230 mhz memory after i noticed my games were crashing i lowered the clocks to 930mhz gpu and 1205 mhz memory i then found that my games no longer crashed so i thought everything was alright i closed the game i was currently playing and launched a diffrent game i noticed this game was lagging quite a bit so i checked the clocks and the clocks were stuck at 400mhz gpu and 900mhz memory i cant get them to change even if i start a stress test or change the overdrive settings i was wondering if this has happend to anyone before and if there is any way to fix it

the other specs of my pc are an amd phenom 2 925 black edition cpu 8gb of ddr3 memory and a foxconn aloe motherboard