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    Mixed hz Eyefinity


      Okay so I currently have three different screens because it's really nice addition to sim racing (my peripheral vision don't mind the lesser quality on the sides). However in the middle I have a 144Hz screen that I'd like to run at 144Hz when in eyefinity, but when enabling 3x1 layout there's no 144hz option. With either side screen and 2x1 layout 144hz is available (only the mid screen is running at that refresh rate ofc). Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this some limitation in the crimson or windows? Also if you know that mixed Hz would break my eyes feel free to tell.



      • HP LP2475w (1920x1200, 60Hz, SL-DVI)
      • Asus MG279Q (2560x1440, 144Hz, DP)
      • Acer B276HK (4K, 60Hz, DP)
      • Eyefinity resolution is 7680x1440

      Crimson 16.8.3 drivers in use

      Asus Maximus IV Gene-z w/ 2500K (4,7GHz) & 16GB DDR3 & MSI RX480 Gaming

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          That is not possible since all 3 monitors are pretending to be one big monitor in Eyefinity so you can't have part of a screen running at a faster Hz than the rest of the screen.

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              But how come that in 2x1 eyefinity other screen works at 60Hz and the other in 144Hz?


              Edit: I tried 3072x768 and still was locked at 60Hz, however with 5760x1080 custom resolution I get 60Hz-120Hz-60Hz, which is weird.

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                  I have a similar issue, with 2x60Hz on the sides and one 144Hz in the middle. They all run @60Hz when in eyefinity 5760x1080.

                  However i had it working with crimson 15.12. It worked just fine. More recent drivers do not support that anymore i guess.

                  If someone knows better, feel free to correct me, im searching for an answer too, because games like battlefield 1 dont not work on 15.12.

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                Hello again, I wonder if anyone is here? So, I was fine with the x1080 resolution and 120Hz in mid but now that doesn't work either. I'm forced to use 60Hz in triple. However if I set just 2 screens to eyefinity, one 60hz and one 144hz, I can run the setup at 144hz (60hz screen is running at 60hz, ofc.)...