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    AMD A10-8780p


      I am looking to buy the AMD A10-8780p laptop processor but I can't find it anywhere.  Does someone know where I might be able to buy one?  I believe that the APU is not meant to be replaced but the current APU (A10-8700p) is removable in my HP all-in-one 23-q110na.  The A10-8780p APU is more suited to my area of interest (gaming) mainly because of its R8 graphics.  I have looked at different methods to improve my integrated graphics card and I came across dual graphics.  But it seems I cannot use dual graphics with my PC as my motherboard is quite different from most.  If there is any other way to upgrade my graphics card that would be good to know.


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          Before you buy any faster APU, (if you can find one), make sure the HP BIOS for your laptop supports the faster APU or it will not run at the higher frequency if at all when you install it. Laptops are extremely thermally limited and laptop makers often do not use the faster processors if their laptop design can not properly cool the processor under heavy load. Without a proper BIOS for your laptop you'd be wasting your money.